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ATLANCHIM PHARMA is a CRO conducting confidential custom synthesis of complex molecules. We have gained an acknowledged expertise in laboratory scale synthesis and in Stable isotope labeling (C(13), D, N(15)).

Our team provides its expertise in these areas :
-  Heterocycle synthesis
-  Carbohydrate Chemistry
-  Peptide synthesis

We have been working for customers ranging from global pharmaceutical, agrochemical and cosmetics companies to biotechnology companies in various fields of application (isolation, purification and synthesis of impurities, analytical standards, reference compounds …)

  • Administration

  • President / CEO / Manager: Ronan Le Bot
  • COO: Ronan Le Bot
  • Sales Director: Aurélie Moreau
  • Quality Manager: Stéphanie Mercier

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Activities and Products

Factories and subsidiaries

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